50 years of The Élysée Treaty

The Élysée Treaty set the seal on reconciliation between the two countries; it was built on the understanding that enmity and conflict prevent economic, social and human development, whereas friendship provide a stable environment which has allowed them to make a decisive contribution to the construction of Europe.

The French Ambassador in South Sudan, Christian Bader, emphasized the achievement led by this treaty: the treaty “paved the way for the deep reaching ties based on trust that the Government of the federal Republic of Germany and the Government of France and civil society at every level then began to build.” He also reminds us that France and Germany have never been “stronger and more able to face challenges than when they act together”.

As the German-French year was launched by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande on 22 September 2012, the German ambassador in South Sudan, Peter Felten stressed the fact that this year will value the important achievements of the past but also focus on what lies ahead. In that matter the first event in Juba will be a “roundtable at which students and university representatives from South Sudan jointly reflect on what concrete contribution they can make to promote a democratic and peaceful development of this new nation”.

Dernière modification : 25/01/2013

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