French project - French teacher-training in secondary schools

The undersecretary of the MoEST, M. Mickael LOPUKE, the French ambassador, Mr Jean-Yves ROUX, and the Director of the French Institute, Antoine DUTARTE, were having a press conference on the implementation of the bi-national project of french language development.

A fresh group of four South Sudanese French-language teachers will benefit from a two-month intensive teacher-training course in France thanks to an ongoing support from the French Embassy in Juba in cooperation with the Ministry of Education Sciences and Technology (MoEST). The selected teachers will leave Juba on 12 February, following in the steps of more than 20 teachers who already completed the training over the course of the past year.

After sending around 20 teachers of French language from South Sudan over a year, the French Embassy in Juba in cooperation with the MoEST, is going to send 4 extra teachers from Juba for a 2 month intensive teacher-training course in France on Friday 12th February.

French is a compulsory language in South Sudan’s secondary schools until students reach the Senior 2 grade. Unfortunately teachers don’t have the relevant materials and training, in spite of the importance of French as the language of the two neighboring French-speaking countries (RDC and CAR). We can count more than 4000 students learning French in Juba.

Dernière modification : 14/04/2016

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