New contribution of France to a project in food security

France is contributing to the food assistance activities of ICRC. With a grant of 600 000 Euros (i.e. 800 000 US dollars), the French government’s contribution to this project demonstrates France’s support for food security and the fight against malnutrition in South Sudan.The ICRC’s operation in South Sudan is the organization’s second largest, after Syria.

This is the second time of the year that the French government decides to support the ICRC activities. The French contribution will allow ICRC to purchase sorghum, oil, beans… and it will participate to the global ICRC project which aims to provide food assistance to 420 000 people in South Sudan. In a country affected by chronic food insecurity and with alarming rate of acute malnutrition, reinforcing people’s capacity to rapidly recover from shocks, is paramount to finding a way out of spiralling humanitarian crises.

Dernière modification : 05/09/2014

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