Visit of two projects funded by the SFD

The program officer in charge of the Social Fund of Development has visited two projects in Central Equatoria (Morobo and Tore). The visits took place on the 5th and 6th November.

A poultry project in Morobo

The first project visited in Morobo (at the border with DRC) is a poultry project implemented by the South Sudanese NGO Agriculture Advisory Organisation (AAO). The local communities selected for the project had the chance to get construction of shelter and buying of poultry. They also got trained for the collection of eggs and in marketing.

The Program Officer met with the local authorities, then he visited three sites benefiting from the project, where he met with the local communities. They all acknowledged the benefits of the project. Two of the communities have already been able to buy hundreds of young hen with the savings made.

A agriculture project in Tore

The second project visited is an agricultural project implemented by Caritas-Yei in Tore. The selected local communities got seeds and trainings in order to be able to get self-sufficient and to sell vegetables to the markets. Some trainings in pig farming have also been provided.

After a meeting with the local authorities of the counties, we have met with several beneficiaries. They all agreed that they benefited from the project, that they were able to grow and harvest several vegetables.

Dernière modification : 27/03/2015

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